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Telltale FAQ's

  1. Why are Telltale™ products now being sold on Soma®.com?
    Although Telltale™ will continue as a unique brand, we are excited to offer our Telltale™ products exclusively on Soma®.com starting this April. After April 9, 2021 myTelltale™.com will include a link to Soma®.com where you can continue to find your Telltale™ favorites and gain access to our entire Soma®® collection, including more bra sizes, modern sleep & loungewear and so much more. While Telltale™ will be launching on Soma®.com and in Soma® stores with a limited selection, continue to check back at Soma®.com and our Soma® stores for your favorite Telltale™ products.

    1. What if I need to return a product purchased on myTelltale™.com?
    MyTelltale™.com will stop selling products on April 9, 2021, however the site will remain available for at least thirty (30) days to process returns under the Telltale™ Return Policy found here. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept returns of products purchased from myTelltale™.com in our Soma®® stores or through Soma®.com.

    1. What happens to my Telltale™ account information?
    If you are a Telltale™ customer with an account on myTelltale™.com and are signed up to receive marketing emails, pursuant to the disclosures in the Telltale™ privacy policy, the account information which you have provided to Telltale™ (mainly name, email address, email marketing permissions and if applicable address) will be transferred to Soma®® on or around April 15, 2021. For customers who do not already participate in the Love Soma Rewards® loyalty program, a Love Soma Rewards® loyalty account will be automatically created for you during our merger process and you’ll receive a ‘Welcome to Soma®’ email from Soma®.com and information regarding your new Love Soma Rewards® loyalty program account number. Follow the instructions to complete your Program registration and unlock your Program benefits. Your Love Soma Rewards® loyalty account will remain inactive until you complete your registration, or until we delete your information in accordance with Soma®’s data retention policy. Alternatively, if you do not want your information transferred to Soma®, you can contact us by sending an email on or before April 14, 2021 to from the email you used to create your Telltale™ account and include your name, mailing address and a request that your information not be merged into Soma®’s database.
    If you have made a purchase from myTelltale™.com in the past, or have otherwise created an account on myTelltale™.com, but are not subscribed to receive Telltale™ emails, then your information will not be transferred to Soma®. To the extent we are able or otherwise required by applicable law, we will aggregate and anonymize any of your personal information that is contained in Telltale™’s records and delete any remaining personal information except as noted below. Some of your limited personal information may be retained for our internal business purposes such as, in order to respond to any official request, support or defend any legal claims and provide evidence of financial transactions. Any of your personal information will thereafter be deleted in accordance with our data retention policy.

    1. What do I need to do with regards to my information being transferred to Soma®?
    Customers who already have a Soma® account do not need to take any further action - you can just continue to shop at Soma®.com and use your existing Soma® log-in information to access your Love Soma Rewards® account. For customers who do not have an existing Soma® account, please visit Soma®.com to create your Love Soma Rewards® account at any time in order to unlock points on your next Soma® purchase and take advantage of the benefits of shopping with Soma®.

    1. What if I do not register for a Soma® Love Rewards account?
    If you do not register for a Love Soma Rewards® account, or if automatically enrolled, if you do not complete your registration when prompted, or sign up for marketing emails from Soma®, purchase a product from Soma®.com or otherwise interact with the Soma® brand for six (6) months after the transfer, Soma® will delete any personal information in your account transferred to Soma® as part of the merger, except for some limited personal information that we must retain for business purposes as previously described in Section 3 of these FAQs. Such information will be retained by Soma® until deleted in accordance with its data retention policy.

    1. What happens to my credit card information and my prior purchase information?
    Credit card information is not stored by myTelltale™.com and therefore is not a part of the data transfer. Also, at this time, we are not able to transfer prior purchase history from your Telltale™ account to your Soma®.com account; as a result, your myTelltale™.com purchase history will not be available to view or reference in your Soma® account. After May 9, 2021 you will not be able to access your purchase history on myTelltale™.com. However, if you need information on past purchases from myTelltale™.com, you may call Soma® customer service at (866) 768-7662 to request your myTelltale™.com purchase history.

    1. What if I do not want my information stored at Soma® at all?
    Both Telltale™ and Soma® are owned by Chico’s Distribution Services, LLC, so your information will remain under our company umbrella even after the transfer. However, if you do not want your information transferred to Soma®, you can contact us by sending an email on or before April 14, 2021 to from the email you used to create your Telltale™ account and include your name, mailing address and a request that your information not be merged into Soma®’s database. On or after April 15, 2021 if you decide that you do not want your information stored by Soma®, you may request that Soma® delete your information by submitting a Consumer Rights Request Form accessible in Section 7F of Soma®’s Privacy Policy.

    1. Will I get marketing emails or other communications from Soma®?
    For customers who have signed up to receive marketing emails from Telltale™, you will now receive your promotions and offer emails directly from Soma®.com. For customers who have not signed up to receive email marketing from Telltale™, your information is not being transferred, and Soma® will not send you marketing emails unless you actively sign up on Soma®.com to receive such emails. Please note that regardless of your email marketing preferences, you still may receive email communications from Soma® regarding your transactions, account, loyalty status and other business-related activities. Plus, you may receive direct mail from Soma®, such as catalogues or postcards or other mailers.

    1. How do I unsubscribe from Soma® emails and catalogs?
    You may click the ‘unsubscribe’ link found in any of your Soma® marketing emails to be automatically unsubscribed from Soma®’s email marketing list. You can also adjust your email marketing preferences in the Profile and Preferences section after logging into My Account on Soma®.com.
    You may opt out of direct mail by calling Soma® customer service at (866) 768-7662.

    1. How is Soma® different than Telltale™?
    Shopping with Soma® has some added benefits to you that were not available through Telltale™, such as a more extensive product assortment, Soma® retail store locations, a texting program, and the Love Soma Rewards® loyalty program. Soma® uses your information in a similar manner as Telltale™ does – to complete your orders, send you promotions and marketing, provide you customer service, as well as variety of other uses that can be found in Section 2 of Soma®’s Privacy Policy.

    1. What is the Love Soma Rewards® program?
    The Love Soma Rewards® program is a loyalty program designed to reward you for shopping with Soma®®. Members earn one point for every dollar spent and are issued a $5 reward for every 125 points accumulated. Benefits include point multiplier days, bonus points for referrals, special shopping events and birthday gifts during your birthday month. For a full list of benefits and terms, please see our Love Soma® Reward® Program Terms and Conditions found here and register today so you can gain points on future purchases of your favorite Telltale™ products and other products on Soma®.com.