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About Us

We are for the work-in-progress, the improviser, the “take it as it comes” spirit.

Ours is a community of women who choose exploration—the brave ones who bet on themselves and celebrate that courage in others.

Every woman has a story to tell—and it's always unfolding

You're a sensual being.

TellTale is an intimates brand founded on the principle that your sensuality is a critical part of who you are. It’s about a genuine respect and love of the self. It’s about cultivating experiences that engage you to the core. And it’s about reveling in simple, beautiful moments.

Comfortable is the new cool.

We’re committed to bringing you radical reliability: bras sized consistently—season over season, across styles, prints, colors and materials—so you can find the fit that feels great, time after time. Oh, and we only believe in comfy, cozy, stretchy, yummy fashion. If it’s not easy and comfortable, it’s not for us—or you.

Self-care is not a luxury: it’s a right.

When you care for yourself, you’re better able to care for your world and the people in it. That said, self-care should never have to be a choice. At TellTale, we encourage you to spend an extra moment with yourself through experiences focused on self-exploration.

Your senses can surprise you.

We believe that your senses are the surest way to your heart, mind, and body. We’ve created an immersive shopping experience that surprises and celebrates you by engaging all your senses.