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Apr 12, 2019

Reusing Your TellTale Box

Rethink and re-use for a happier earth

We believe good things come in pretty packages! You can feel the excitement building when you start to open one of our sleek and stylish Telltale boxes – they set the stage for what’s inside. We designed our boxes to be reused, because something this chic deserves to be seen. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

TellTale Box Used for Stationary

Stationery Storage: There's a card for every occasion… and you own it. If the idea of a handwritten letter or a freshly sharpened pencil gives you heart eyes, we’ve got just the right storage situation for you. Kept in your drawer or displayed on your desk, your Telltale box is the perfect way to store all those future greetings and well wishes. 


Jewelry Storage: Give new meaning to the term “jewelry box” by using your Telltale box as a go-to spot for necklaces, rings and all of your favorite trinkets. Deep enough to house even the biggest collection of bracelets.

TellTale Box Used for Collectables

Memory Box: After a few travels, the souvenirs and mementos can start to pile up. More than likely (if you’re like us), your fond travel memories have ended up in a junk drawer, waiting for just the right way to be stored. Lucky for you, Telltale boxes are spacious enough to hold all your favorite travel trinkets, so a walk down memory lane is as simple as a flip of the lid.


Beauty Spot: Whether it’s your favorite fragrance, lotion or last night’s perfect shade of lipstick, odds are you can’t remember the last place you used it. Cut out the morning hunt for your beauty essentials by using our signature black box for storage. Just flip the top, find the goods and go.

TellTale Box used for Beauty Storage

Bath Essentials: The perfect size to slide right into a bathroom drawer or under a cabinet, Telltale boxes can store all your best self-care basics. Give face masks, bath bombs and those ever-elusive headbands and hair ties one place to live, so they’re always on-hand but not crowding your counter space.

TellTale Box Used for Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snack Haven: If you’re at the office all day, it can be hard to have healthy options within reach. We say load up a Telltale box with healthier snacks, teas and vitamins for a midday pick-me-up. 


Re-gift: We’ll just say it: this box is a looker. So, it makes it really easy to re-gift it to someone else. Dress it up with wrapping paper or leave it undressed with just ribbon details – the options are endless. We want to see how you think outside the box. Tag us on Instagram @mytelltale with #TELLTALEUNBOXED and show us how you re-used your box.