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Apr 10, 2019

Our Tale

Who is TellTale?
We thought you'd never ask.TellTale Team and Inspiration Board 

Tell us how TellTale came to be?

We were studying the intimate apparel market, which is growing and diversifying (which we love!) but found something was still missing for us. What if we created a new approach to intimate apparel – one rooted in sensuality, comfort and discovery?


Let’s talk about Self Expression…

We realized that there was an entire group of women dissatisfied with the choices they had for intimate apparel. It made sense to us, when you think about the fact that there are thousands and thousands of apparel brands but so few intimate apparel brands. The TellTale woman does not have one ‘look’ – she curates a new look every day, depending on her mood, what she’s doing and where she’s going. Why shouldn’t she be able to express her personality or mood with her intimate apparel? What if we offered a full range of collections that tapped into who she is…knowing, of course, that no woman is any one thing. What would it look like to celebrate that? What would it look like to fuel her drive for self-expression? What if you started with the premise that she wants to be sensual for herself first, not just sexy for someone else? And so that’s what we set out to do. TellTale The Dream Is Real


And Fit of course is crucial!

It always seems to happen – just when you think you’ve found a bra whose fit you like, you go back to buy the same bra, but now it fits a little different. It’s so frustrating! With so many people out there making bra fit hard, we wanted to take the opposite approach: simplicity. What if we created 6 core silhouettes? And what if we used those SAME silhouette block forms every time but varied the materials, fashion, colors so that you could just know you’re getting the fit you want. EVERY. SINGLE TIME. Now the worry is gone, and bra shopping can become like the rest of shopping – a fun exercise in fashion and color to match your mood and what you want to express to the world. 

TellTale Team Members Pose

Which leads us to Discovery…

We love traveling the world and we shop everywhere we go. Our favorite stores, though, are the ones that are always changing – that have a theme each month and curate a story around that theme. We can’t resist a good story! We want TellTale to nurture that sense of discovery. So, we thought: What if we curated a monthly story around a theme that we’d pick and fill it with not just bras and undies, but apparel, accessories, beauty, gifts – really, whatever the hell we wanted at the moment and couldn’t resist ourselves. We want you to discover something new every time you come back. It’s like an exciting instant escape each month. TellTale Team Near Office Door

What is the culture like at TellTale?

Well, we started with a group of 15 passionate individuals (we prefer that term to ‘corporate castaways’) and stuck them in a proverbial ‘garage’ at the far end of our corporate campus to concoct the intimate apparel experience we felt was missing. We’ve learned so much watching Soma make innovative, solution-oriented intimate apparel for their customers, we took some of that know-how and used it to make the most comfortable, fashionable, affordable intimate apparel we could think of for our customers. The whole team at our sister brands Chico’s & White House Black Market has been so supportive, cheering us on even when they didn’t know where we were (since we have literally been working behind an unmarked door). If every family has one, then we are definitely the rebel wild child – we’ve been breaking rules left and right to create something that speaks to our soul and the things we value most – self-expression, sensuality and discovery. That’s how we roll. When we’re not hidden behind our unmarked door, you’ll find us roaming the world – sometimes for business, oftentimes for pleasure, taking in inspiration from every new destination and discovery. So if you need a restaurant, shopping or museum recommendation in Paris, Pittsburgh, Barcelona (or any of the 50 other spots around the world we’ve hit in the last year alone), email us at We can’t wait to meet you!TellTale Team On Halloween