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Apr 11, 2019

Monthly Fashion Story: Phenom

Each month, our TellTale designers and buyers develop a theme based on their latest obsessions and curate a collection of their must-have items so there’s always something new for you to discover from TellTale. Happy exploring!



Strong female lead – our story begins there. As you design a life you love, and curate a look that reads exceptional woman, remember self-confidence is always the best outfit. We wanted the name of the story to reflect that feeling of strength and came up with the name Phenom, which we thought was perfect. What you’ll find in this edit are fashion pieces that you can feel amazing in – pieces that allow you to present a look that’s strong but feminine. An ‘all-business’ pinstripe blazer (maybe paired with a lace bodysuit?). A pair of distressed denim (paired with a femme blouse?). When you wake up ready to kick ass, what are the items you want in your closet to manifest that to the world? We’ve picked our faves to help inspire you and started with the first layer – bras! We loved the idea of contrasting the boldness of our Dare Me Red bras with the softness of our First Blush bras. We felt the juxtaposition of the two colors illustrated how women can be both powerful and tender at the same time. That yin & yang mix is, for us, the beauty of being a woman – we don’t have to be any one thing – and every day is a new adventure. We hope you enjoy this edit as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you and that you feel like a Phenom whenever you wear it.


Liz, Director of Dream Fulfillment (AKA Designer)
Jess, Lead Storyteller (AKA Buyer)

TellTale Phenom StoryTellTale red bra and undies and track pantsTellTale body suit and flawed t-shirt