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Apr 14, 2019

Do Tell: The Inspiration Behind Our Collections

Who will you be today?

That is the question our Design Team asked when creating TellTale’s seven signature collections. Each line reflects a different mood or character so you can express how you are feeling underneath it all as you live your story. And we think that’s pretty empowering. 

1: The Creator

CHARACTER TRAITS: Beautiful, Strong

Designed for full-on superwoman mode. Powerful everyday essentials are feminine at their core to give you all the support you need to conquer the world…or just the day. Simple, clean-lined and so damn comfortable.

OUR INSPIRATION: Everyday Hero, Believer, Fire in Her SoulTellTale Romantic Collection 2: The Romantic

CHARACTER TRAITS: Alluring, Charming

Inspired by great heroines who own their feminine charm, this collection is about feeling provocative. We took all the comfort of a t-shirt bra and romanced the heck out of it with galloon lace and a sculpted center front for a sensuous take.

OUR INSPIRATION: Soft, Delicate, Mesmerizing TellTale Dreamer Collection

3: The Dreamer

CHARACTER TRAITS: Starry-eyed, Visionary

There are many sides to every woman – you can be practical and imaginative too. So we crafted a collection to match by pairing tried-and-true cotton with the silkiness of satin. Now you can have the best of both worlds.

OUR INSPIRATION: Heavenly, Dreamy, Pillowy TellTale Innovator Collection

4: The Innovator

CHARACTER TRAITS: Modern, Cool, Futuristic

When you want to feel of-the-moment, this is the collection to up your cool factor. Our unique foam technology is light as air and keeps its gorgeous shape all day.

OUR INSPIRATION: Forward-Thinker, Leader, Luminary TellTale Daredevil Collection

5: The Daredevil

CHARACTER TRAITS: Fearless, Fierce

This collection speaks to your daring and flirtatious side. When you don’t back down and there is no stopping you. We used strong lines to frame the beauty of the airy sheer.

OUR INSPIRATION: Bold, Free TellTale Influencer Collection

6: The Influencer

CHARACTER TRAITS: Trend-setting, Inspiring

On days you feel born to be a style leader, this is what to put on first. We designed this collection with an eye for artistry and fashion details.

OUR INSPIRATION: Fashion-Forward, Muse, Leader 

TellTale Lover Collection7: The Lover

CHARACTER TRAITS: Feminine, Passionate

Sometimes you just want to follow your heart, wherever it may lead. Luxe lace and femininity shine in these delicate designs.

OUR INSPIRATION: Delicate, CaptivatingTellTale The Ghoster Collection

Finally, our favorite Individual Contributor

8: The Ghoster Undie

This type of ghosting is a good thing! The special silicone edge stays put and disappears under clothing for a chic and polished presence always.

OUR INSPIRATION: Sleek, Smooth, Comfortable